Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Violin For My Wife

I want to play the violin for my wife before she falls asleep.

A beautiful idea, yes...but I have no violin, no ability to play the violin and no wife.

Now, which of these three things are a tragedy?

Are none tragedies?

Are all three tragedies?

Whatever happened to Jonathan Turner on Boy Meets World? I mean, he was a good flavor to mix it up in the teachers' lounge with Mr. Feeny. And that motorcycle accident totally didn't kill him. So what gives? Did he just give up on teaching? Did he just give up on life? What the hell? Did he move away? Yeah right, that bachelor pad was awesome. Was he paralyzed after that? Well, if he was, then why the hell didn't they address that? He just, like...bogusly disappeared. That's pretty stupid. He was awesome to those kids.

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