Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming Home

I'm sitting in a Midwestern airport right now, quietly drinking and laughing softly. This is the end to the strangest trip of my life, and it's the only way it could end (with laughter).

The girlfriend and I broke up, and it feels like it's for the best right now. Ah, to be single again (reckless and contemplative), wondering what the autumn season will bring besides a few new colors. And to be in California again for a fall season that will probably never make sense, only to transition into a winter that makes even less sense.

I can't stop looking around and seeing all of the music artwork and thinking this entire place smells like BBQ. And it just seems like I've been living in a Salvador Dali painting for too long and now I've got my five senses back like a good poker hand.

This is me laughing alone in an airport restaurant, having a really, really good time. This is me chuckling as the end credits roll to the movie, with the audience wondering what happened to that character who was coming home.

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