Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Postcard Author I've Ever Known

I got a postcard from The Jen yesterday.

She remains the best postcard author I've ever known. I've saved everything she's ever sent me by way of a postal service. Even after two and a half years of being on rocky terms, she continues to impress me and fill my heart with warmth whenever I get mail from her. I'm glad we're finally on speaking terms again.

Apparently, she's in Australia these days, as the front of the postcard is an artistic (and colorful) rendition of Darling Harbor and, on the back, there's Bernard O'Dowd's poem "Australia."

From The Jen:

November 13, 2009 - On the road: Brisbane -> Melbourne

This country (continent? commonwealth? cangaroo?) looks like California, smells like Hawaii and tastes like England (albeit the passion fruit). It sounds like a squinty-eyed drunk. It feels…it feels like nothing else I’ve ever encountered. So, I’ll let this nice chap to the rest. Hit it, Bernie!

[little dance step arrow doodles go on until they point to the name Bernard O’Dowd and the last line of his poem, which is “ocean at your knees”]

Bit of a show-off he is, eh?

Jake, I had a feeling I’d find you here.