Thursday, December 24, 2009

"The Grandest of Grand, For The Curious Love"

"The Grandest of Grand, For The Curious Love"
a poem dedicated to jason kornfeld and written as fast as possible by jake kilroy.

A sleepy town with sleepy vixens,
bellowed the wind with all its fixings,
no miracle mile for the dreaded last call,
as no patriots wait it out after all.
So the drinkers caved and saved their coins,
strayed from bars and spayed their loins,
to keep a good walk home the tamest act,
breathing the winter's cold in their thickest hat,
squinting under the brim, to make it home,
just to feel like they were sleeping alone,
while their wife looked dapper and cozy too,
and their children slept without a waking coo,
and as they brushed their teeth in the draft,
they thanked the Lord for the Christmas they had.

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Jason Kornfeld said...

Thanks for writing this.