Monday, January 11, 2010

Drink Bourbon, Smoke Cigarillos, Play Roulette & Never Go Home

I went to Las Vegas for the weekend and it was the first time I was ever a reckless man in the city. It was finally the trip of high school friends wild on the strip, or at least it was in some watered-down form (we all have sense, no matter how much we hype senselessness).

But the stunning realizations came in curious waves. I've always known a few things about personal development as a twenty-something, even before I was one. You can grow older without getting wiser. You can evolve without maturing. You can even get married, buy a house or have a kid without ever being responsible.

However, sometimes, you can actually do it all without ever really putting yourself through the ringer. And, without really seeing your old friends for years, you can somehow catch up and never let it be awkward. It could've been a year or a week since you saw them. Things have changed, as everyone has been through new homes, new jobs, new relationships, new travels or new programs, but it's a sensational throbbing of your body to know that you can always fall right back into friendships like a falling cartoon man who lands perfectly in clothes or pajamas that are hanging out to dry.

After not seeing old friends for years, it's heart-piercingly spectacular to know that you can drink bourbon, smoke cigarillos and play roulette from midnight to sunrise, all while laughing so hard you think that you'll never go home.

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