Monday, January 18, 2010

A Wonderful Rainy Evening With No Rain

I sat at my desk all day. It was difficult, as I knew it was raining outside (because then all I want to do is crawl back in bed and listen). Then I went to lunch, when it turns out that it wasn't just raining. It was fucking pouring. I looked like a very traditional pathetic character when I returned, after having sprinted across the parking lot. My hair was soaked, my jacket was soaked, my briefcase was soaked. I sat at my desk for a few more hours, looking like a cartoon character of grief.

But, then I came home, and there was no rain. And, I have to tell you, even in my mid-twenties, there is rarely a better night for me than a quiet evening indoors while it is raining or pouring outside. I just it did without the most important ingredient (rain), and, with that, I've learned that all the other ingredients without the rain make up a pretty good evening too.

I cooked myself a grand meal, took a long hot shower, watched an old movie and read a good book by the fireplace with flames flickering against the family room. And then, as I've done with so very many rainy evenings my entire life, I'll read Australia: Land Of Contrast as I fall asleep.

I'll wake up tomorrow morning with my heart feeling like a fireplace. Oh, to feel the great depth of warmth on cold days...

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