Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Lie And How We Told It

Good ol' Zuhair Abdulla has done up a pretty radical series on his blog, Two Hands Radio. This current series (called The Lie And How We Told It) is a collection of short stories that are less than 800 words long each.

Anyway, I wrote a story for it called "Blue Sunday Bookstore Blues." You can read it here.

The story's based off of a conversation I heard in a used bookstore two weeks ago. I wondered what I would say to the teenage boy if I were older and wiser and actually knew a thing or two. Then I stab him. No, ok, I didn't do that. But I should've though. Stories are kind of boring without stabbings. Or monsters! No, no monsters either. Sorry. I'm just kind of a bitch.

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