Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christmas Music Better Save Me

Do you seem like a crazy person if you listen to Christmas music in March? Because I'm having a stupendously bogus day and I want to listen to Walter Schumann. Is it crazy? What if I constantly lick my lips and blink as much as I can while I do it? Will that make everyone realize that I'm just having a good time? Hmmm? I swear to someone's god that I really just forget how to be a real person when I'm tired enough to be sleepy but not exhausted enough to be delirious. I'm currently somewhere in the empty range, like a cartridge after the gun goes off accidentally. Fucking...I don't know what I'm talking about. There has to be a cure for this. There just has to be. I wonder if THE HOLLY GREEN, THE IVY GREEN, THE PRETTIEST PICTURE YOU'VE EVER SEEN. IT'S CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY WITH ALL OF THE FOLKS AT HOME. IT'S NICE, YOU KNOW, TO KISS YOUR BEAU WHILE CUDDLING UNDER THE MISTLETOE. AND SANTA CLAUS, YOU KNOW, OF COURSE, IS ONE OF THE BOYS FROM HOME. THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN, THE NEIGHBORS PAY A CALL AND FATHER JOHN, BEFORE HE'S GONE, WILL BLESS THE HOUSE AND ALL. HOW GRAND IT FEELS TO CLICK YOUR HEELS AND JOIN IN THE FUN OF THE JIGS AND REELS. I'M HANDING YOU NO BLARNEY, THE LIKES YOU'VE NEVER KNOWN, IS FUCKING CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY AND ALL OF THOSE FOLKS AT HOME.

Can you have cabin fever in an office?

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