Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They Were All Something

The king was asleep. The jester was drunk. The queen was out. The prince was bored. The princess was wanting. And the peasants were gathering at the market.

The stowaway was waiting. The captain was staring. The first mate was ordering. The cook was laughing. The mapper was plotting. And the crew was playing cards below.

The outlaw was riding. The sheriff was squinting. The deputy was cringing. The bartender was busy. The rancher was depressed. And the townspeople were keeping off the streets.

The orchestra was loud. The bandleader was happy. The singer was coy. The waiter was smug. The lover-boy was grinning. And the city was out on the town.

The writer was coughing. The musician was loopy. The dancer was slouching. The actor was smoking. The painter was judging. And the art would just have to wait.

And, with books stacked on his night table, the boy in bed had no dreams.