Monday, July 26, 2010

Bring On The Traffic: Volume One

I think I've just figured out how to keep track of blog stats, so I've decided to try to make this blog the most read blog ever. I will attempt to achieve this astounding feat by periodically including totally fun sentences that are lazily jam-packed with exciting keywords.

My first attempt:

Jesus Christ was a magic ninja who fought athiest pirate zombies with the help of big-tittied blondes with nice butts that used smartphones, dirty jokes and facts about Batman 3 to blow up the enemies, who probably engaged in Inception ending debates.


Celeste Hoang said...

BATMAN 3!!!!!! i'm already marking my calendar.

Jake Kilroy said...

I'm almost certain that the best pick-up line any dude can use for the next few months is "I know the villain for the next Batman as well as who's going to play it."

Jessica said...

This is not going to work because you spelled atheist wrong. Apparently it is "i before e except after c and except after h in atheist."

Jake Kilroy said...

It totally worked, Jessica! This is the first comment you've left on my blog. BOOM (<---that's your mind being blown).