Monday, July 12, 2010

Jake & The Bank Employee

BANK EMPLOYEE: What can I do for you?

JAKE: I lost my wallet last night, so I'm looking to replace my debit card.

BANK EMPLOYEE: Ok, I just need to verify some information. When is your birthday?

JAKE: May 10th, 1985.

BANK EMPLOYEE: And what is your social security number?

JAKE: ***-***-****

BANK EMPLOYEE: Ok, and where was the last place you used your card?

JAKE: I think it was...Mulligan's.

BANK EMPLOYEE: What did you last purchase with your card?

JAKE: Drinks.

BANK EMPLOYEE: And what was purchased before that?

JAKE: Drinks.

[long pause as BANK EMPLOYEE reads the computer screen]

JAKE: I imagine you can kinda guess what happened here.


Celeste Hoang said...

Oh Jake, your posts always put a smile on my face!

Jake Kilroy said...

Hooray! Now my consideration of renaming this blog "The Smile Factory" doesn't seem so crazy.