Thursday, July 29, 2010

The King, The High Court, The Two Sons & The Queen

"The King, The High Court, The Two Sons & The Queen"
an epic tragedy in seven sentences by jake kilroy.

There was a great king who ruled the land with a fair, reasonable and just fist. His family and kingdom adored him, but his high court grew jealous and obsessive, so they plotted against him and, several nights later, murdered him when we went into the garden one night, which he often did to think. The high court took over and the meanest and most murderous traitor of them all became the new king, and he ruled the land with cruel tyranny. But then the only two sons of the king plotted against the high court and murdered the false king in the garden when he came to ask the dead king for advice one late night. The high court were then all hanged. Sadly, the two sons fought over which one of them would be king and they killed each other at the same time in a sword fight. The Queen mourned the loss of her family by becoming the greatest ruler of the land.

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