Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"The Poet Laureate Of The Bedroom Scene"

"The Poet Laureate Of The Bedroom Scene"
written on the way to bed by jake kilroy.

So you think you're the poet laureate of the bedroom scene;
the Keats, the Yeats, the Chaucer, the Poe and fiends-
the balancin’ act of a wayward head,
thinkin’ you’d jump from bed to bed
without trippin’ over bodies or sheets,
without hearin’ laughter in backseats;
merely a player to be tucked in tight,
while the rumor mill is creakin’ slight-
thinkin’ of yourself as fireworks true,
the red, the green, the yellow, the blue,
primary in color and second in lives;
though channelin’ Bukowski late at night
after a couple of bad drinkin’ fits,
slurrin’ the words of a shrug of a kiss,
draggin’ your shoulder against the wall,
beatin’ the drum of your own soul’s call,
changin’ the words of songs you know,
hopin’ no one sees you headin’ home,
prayin’ you never hear the truth:
you’re the only book left in the library
in the deserted morning hours after two.

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