Monday, November 15, 2010

"if only america"

"if only america"
done out of character, in body, by jake kilroy.

if the freedom fighters ever get wind of this tornado,
they'll spin like the thieves on the dance floor.
and sometimes that's all they are anyway.

but you and me have got real freedom,
like a parade of elephants that came for the nuts
and stayed for the protest.

and we haven't yet overstayed our welcome.

i don't need anarchy explained to me
by punks that came to be
homeless so they could see
America, as something

i don't need the system to work for us,
or any greyhound bus
dragging its rubber puss
around the great lust
of American transit.

i don't need corporations,
i don't need soup kitchens.
because that's everybody.
and we don't need anybody.

our common man is too common
and the rarities are too rare.
but we're not leaving our countrymen behind,
the ones that beat their hearts colorless.
they fought in the great war of living and dying.
and they ain't doing so well.
so wave your white flags of sly grins
and buy them each a drink,
so they can burn their wallets
and never worry again.

we'll be laughing drunk when the enemy really comes.

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