Friday, December 3, 2010

Godspeed, Samantha Who!

Last night, Rex, Grant and I got all messed up and watched Grey's Anatomy, just like the old days. We had watched the first three seasons at The Madison, yelling at the television screen and sharing sharp opinions of the harpy doctors. However, back then, we watched the first episode of the fourth season and kind of lost our group interest when Izzie had to revive a deer for Jacob from Lost. But, after a few-year break, we decided to give it another shot. And I'm glad we did, though something else caught our attention pretty intensely.

Rex went out for a smoke break and Grant put the disc in. We sat there waiting through the previews and one of them was a long sensational commercial for Samantha Who. Grant and I were talking nonsense before but were then silent through the entire Samantha Who preview. We didn't say anything for the two or three minutes the thing was going.

When it finally ended, I said, "Holy shit, are we way too messed up right now or did that look like the best show ever?"

"Yeah, dude, I was thinking the same exact thing," Grant said excitedly. "We should watch that instead."

"Oh man, that'd be awesome," I said, dazed with the awesomeness of Samantha Who.

Rex came back into the room.

"Hey Rex," Grant said, "have you ever seen Samantha Who?"

"No," Rex said, amused. "Why?"

"Dude, we need to watch that," I told him. "Like, as soon as possible."

"Ok," he said with a laugh.

"She just wants to find out who she is, Rex," Grant said.

"Oh my god, I hope she does," I added.

"I bet she does, dude," Grant reassured.

"But what if she doesn't?"

Grant thought this over carefully.

"We need to watch that shit," he said finally.

But we didn't. We watched Grey's Anatomy instead, like we planned. And the first episode, where that dumb bitch Izzie revived the deer, made me realized how poorly written the show is. It's like a parody of itself. It's like a soap opera you see in a comedy movie. But, as I sobered up, either the writing got better or you need a clear mind for the show, because that shit got real awesome real quick. It was almost comforting to be that overwhelmed again. But it'll never (ever) compare to the quality Grant and I assigned to Samantha Who. Nothing will. Seriously, for one moment, Samantha Who seemed like it was better than everything else I had ever seen before, as if it were what a person needed to see to find out who they actually were. For just that fleeting instant of an evening, I thought Samantha Who was the best goddamn fucking thing ever and would have gone to war for it. But then I sobered up and went to battle with a sandwich. Guess who won? Me. And I won it for Samantha Who, wherever she may be, whoever she may think she is. Oh man, poor Samantha Who. She just wants to know who she is, goddamnit!

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We own the the 1st season of Samantha Who. It's pretty funny.