Sunday, January 30, 2011


Poetry in bed, leave the lyrics on the floor and let the radio sing us anthems from the big bands. I've never been to the city and I'll never leave you again. We'll just lip-sync everything until it hurts. Forever in your favor, let's stay in tonight and always. I haven't an eternity to spend in the bars or on the cliffs. This is where we'll dissolve into rose petals and ash. This is where the waves from the record player will carry us to the window and float us out into the great heavenly beyond. We ain't taking anything with us. Our books will stay, just so the neighbors can know what we liked. Friends and family will see us on the other side. We can live forever on nothing at all. And I'll promise you this over and over, time and time again, until my mouth rots and your ears burn. This is going to make us sick with our own jealousy. Let's go to bed laughing this time.


Celeste Hoang said...

i know i've said "this is my favorite" several times before, but seriously, THIS is my far :)

Jake Kilroy said...

Every time you say that, I feel as if I've accomplished something and then continue to set the bar even higher.