Sunday, March 27, 2011

Irish Pancakes

If anybody had seen me in my neighborhood, they would've seen me being pathetically dragged by my dog with my shirt undone, singing the "I didn't know" melody from Blind Pilot's "Oviedo" (courtest of Grant). I had whiskey and ice cream on my breath, and there were more than a dozen Irish Pancakes in my stomach. I wandered through the condos where my friend Bart lived in elemetnary school. All I could think about was the mine cart level of the Disneyland Nintendo game that we had a hard time with in third grade and just how out of control this weekend got. If you want to make an Irish Pancake, get a shot glass and pour one part Jameson, one part butterscotch snapps and one part orange juice. Drink as many as you can until you've lost all sense of reality. Woo!

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