Sunday, April 24, 2011

"our bridge"

"our bridge"
after a discovery by jake kilroy.

smoke burns, carpet burns,
all in one long fire of a day;
sleeping in clean sheets,
letting the television speak,
with all of the lanterns off.
set the alarm for a sunday,
we've got to rebuild.
we must rebuild the bridge.
we shouldn't have burned it.
but my contractor will contact yours,
yet our architects won't agree,
and my workers will slack off,
while yours will just bitch.
mine will fall asleep in the sunshine,
with sandwich crumbs and bare feet,
and yours will stand in the shade,
barely hungry enough to chew.
my men will have pockets of jokes
ready for your men to not get.
i'd invoice a sense of humor,
but you wouldn't lend the paper.
so let's just say the bridge is built
and go home on different sides;
maybe see each other next year.

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