Sunday, April 3, 2011

"slam poets in the back of a bus"

"slam poets in the back of a bus"
considering music integrity by jake kilroy.

slam poets in the back of a bus,
letting the wheels roll away,
letting the metal scrape the asphalt,
letting their necks crane forward.

an exalted rush of blood to the brain.
a pinched nerve, struck like a piano key.
teeth grinding as the windows break
and the yellow paint gets carved away.

this is the hype that you told us the rumors
you expelled from the lungs,
the dirty lies you loved to cough up
and say there was a tumor in your chest.

this is the mesmerizing world you told us about,
the one that was supposed to explain it all.
one more tremendous car crash after another,
slamming so quickly that it sounds like music;
just one more orchestra we let burn to death.


Rex said...

Sage Francis > Lil Wayne

Jake Kilroy said...

every other rapper ever > Lil Wayne