Friday, May 6, 2011

"pink shirt"

"pink shirt"
a thoughtful bit of nonsense by jake kilroy.

i remember you in a pink shirt,
when i played drums in a band
that ultimately went nowhere.

you sank your teeth into your lips,
like great warships in ruins,
melting into the hungry sea.

and i was just a musician
that lied about music,
as woefully dazzling as smoke.

you had eyes that came at me,
that dazed the furious world,
like a lustful escape artist.

but you were on the balcony,
when i left with someone else,
to drink wine in a front seat.

i went home counting trees
and painting your name across
the winter lull of my window.

and you were all i had in me,
carving tools from bones
and meat from muscle.

so i skulked my kingdom
as a tired, bloody hunter,
with an arrow through his throat.

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