Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Lovers In A Field

His fingers sailed across the great plains of her back with the breathy wind of her body's hum carrying his touch from the arch of her neck to the curves of her thighs. The girl's tongue creaked and the boy's eyes swayed. The flowers around them sighed and he whistled a sailor tune. She grinned a masterpiece. The sky was blue, the world was warm and he felt the great shakes within him. The boy trembled with wonder.

"What if this is all there is to it?"

She rolled her brown curls down her head and kissed his bare arms.

"Then I say we did alright," she cooed.

"What a pageant it is to be in love," he quietly told his beloved girl in the field.

"Hail, hail," she mumbled, already drifting off to sleep again, "one float after another."

"The best parade in town," he remarked, as the long, slow pull of the world turned around them, softly pushing them towards sunset.


jason daniel said...

I feel dirty and uncomfortable now.

Jake Kilroy said...

That's what I was going for, something along the lines of "sensually unbearable."

jason daniel said...