Friday, September 9, 2011

"And They Waited"

"And They Waited"
written without a drop of sobriety by jake kilroy.

The porch rang with laughter. It was springtime and there was a mild heat settling into the neighborhood. Lilac mist wafted under the street lamps and a car passed every time someone changed the radio station.

She leaned against the porch pole, dirtying up her shoulder, as she watched the universe.

"Counting stars?" he asked, sneaking up beside her with a drink.

"Counting something," she cooed with a sigh.

"Aren't we all?" he said, taking a sip and sliding his hand into his pocket where all he had was spare change.

She clicked her tongue and waited for the world to give her everything. He watched her drift and then he asked the world for everything. And they waited.

And the world came at them with nothing. She was surprised and he nodded.

Take what young lovers abandon for love and you could fill a city dump. Take what young lovers give for love and you could fill an ocean. Take what young lovers want of love and you could fill the sky.

Whether it's trash or treasure, it's ours. Finally. Now let the world take us, give us away and want us again.

I have all night and a lifetime ahead of me, the boy thinks.

I've got one night to turn things around, the girl thinks.

And they wait for the world again.

And, once more, the world comes at them with nothing.

Must be an off night, he thinks.

Just another slip of the cosmos, she thinks.

And they wait for the universe this time.

And the universe hands them new constellations that they'll later draw into each other's backs, counting blessings on soft fingers, ready to make love their favorite charity.

And so the world waited.

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