Thursday, September 1, 2011

"the greatest"

"the greatest"
a novelty of acts by jake kilroy.

howling at the harvest moon,
'cause it's the biggest.
laughing at the afternoon sun,
'cause it's the hottest.
went rocky into love,
tucked away as a last resort.
went head-first into lust,
with the pop of champagne cork.

went to bed full of grease,
woke up with bloody knuckles.
watched the neighbor's garden,
with a perfect glow in daylight.
took the vegetables home,
made a meal i couldn't stomach.
lost my slender appetite in the war,
forever drumming my own soul.

now slouching towards bookshelves,
filled with books never touched,
turned rose-colored here,
for the charity of firewood,
after the heater went out,
after a fight with the handyman.

oh, how pride is the greatest of sins,
in every sense of the word.

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