Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New House & Motto

My New House
I love my new house. I swore I'd never live with three guys in a house again, but, my goodness, what a little extra rent and maturity can give you.

I loved The Madison (21-24), even though it probably stunted my emotional growth and infected me with diseases that won't become apparent until my twilight years. Back then, I'd come home to a group of employed and thoroughly fun dudes and we'd spend the days adventurin' and the nights a-drinkin'. There were parties all the time and, if there wasn't, it was still kind of like a commune, complete with muddy footprints on the ceiling and a fake gun stabbed into the wall. The Madison was maybe the most continuous fun I'll ever have in my life, as it was like a second childhood (with all these new cool things I didn't have or do in my first childhood). But, again, The Madison was loud and crazy almost at a horrifying constant.

Considering I'm now in my mid-twenties, it's incredible to spend the day alone in a quiet, clean house you can call your own. My roommates and I are in and out during the day, mostly seeing each other at night, all before a reasonable bedtime. We've only been in there two weeks, so it's not much to go off. It's a super mellow house during the workweek and we have friends over on the weekend, I suppose. But the whole thing seems surreal, to have so much living space and be able to play pool and drink in your own basement bar before calling it an early evening so we can read and write in bed. I love it. The house is full of creativity, patience, respect and giggles.

My New Motto
The whole "Cowboy Spirit" thing started about a year ago and it lead to a whole season of blurry evenings. When the new year came around, I asked if we should keep it going. Chris said, "I don't think I can keep it up." Rex said, "Honestly, I'm pretty exhausted from these past few months." Grant said, "It'll kill us, Jacob." So, we left the legendary spirit of modern cowboys in 2010 and dubbed 2011 for Bill O'Riley's famous quote, "Fuck it, we'll do it live!" And we've done it pretty live this year, but, lately, I feel as though my mantra has mutated into "Hey, why not?" Alas, I've learned that this phrase has lead to some misguided choices in recent months. Well, I'm restarting myself for the umpteenth time and gonna go with a slightly varied motto, "Hey, why?" So, let's see how long it lasts until I start answering the question at hand with a whole batch of bad decisions. Woo!

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jason daniel said...

It's nice that you read and write in bed together.