Thursday, October 27, 2011

Utterly Smitten

Ok, these two are on a crazy streak of delightful. My friends Celeste and Kim run a blog called Utterly Smitten. It used to also be run by Leslie (who was kind enough to let me sleep on her New York City living room floor), but now it's just the West Coasters. And they're doing spectacular work.

I ramble on this blog a whole lot and, as a collection, it's wildly self-indulgent. So, Utterly Smitten, in its concise, precise way of articulating joy as a worldly project, is sort of the anti-Cobblestone Address. It's whimsical, gleeful and appreciative. It covers art trends, fashion, food, home decor and general hey-maybe-we-should-be-creative-and-excited-or-just-smile-a-little-more-since-life-really-ain't-so-bad pieces. There's something about the collective vibe of the blog that reads like it's for adults reinventing nostalgia, from treehouses to costumes, and you find yourself wondering, hell, why couldn't we still giggle about old photographs and let our imagination get the best of us?

Some radical posts of late:

- One Couple, Two Houses

- The Soul Of Vinyl

- Dear Photograph, I Love You

- Adventures In Dreaming

Anyway, here and there, I get sick to death of myself and need a break. I can't even imagine how it is for people who aren't me. So, if my blog ever seems like it's become a mess of drunken poetry and obnoxious anecdotes about nothing, I recommend Utterly Smitten. Celeste and Kim are like...rainy day changer extraordinaires, a two-person tribe of the High-Five elite, the elected officials of Good Mood City. Yeah? Yeah.


Anonymous said...

God, I love Celeste. And I also love that I can post this as " Anonymous."

Jake Kilroy said...

Yeah, she's pretty rad...stranger.

Kim said...

Awe thanks, Jake! You and your blog are pretty awesome, yourselves.

Also, I'm intrigued by Celeste's secret admirer, above!

Celeste Hoang said...

Jake, this is the sweetest post! You are so awesome. And elected officials of Good Mood City? Yes! Kim and I will be Ambassadors of Good Vibes and you can be Mayor and we'll have parades all day, every day. With unlimited cake.

p.s. I love you too, Rex.