Sunday, March 4, 2012

"summer in spring"

"summer in spring"
after one hell of a day by jake kilroy.

fireworks in your gut,
finding summer in spring,
hearing crickets while sipping your lemonade,
you count the blessings against the scars.
so damned are we,
i imagine,
with love letters in a shoebox
and our heart on a string.

these patio lights are cheaper stars
and i've had enough pints to keep me young
and let me die young.

portraits of artists i never knew
line these hallways like mirrors,
but i haven't the confidence to write
a suicide note for each and every magnificent bastard
that died like a poor man's conscience.

so give us the books
and we'll give 'em hell,
the old college try,
and we'll get our hands dirty this time,
tinged with fire and colorful with graffiti.

this cool air from the window reminds me of paris,
when i drank cognac on the steps of a church on a hill
that looked over the city
and all i could think of was how right everything was,
but youth does that to you sometimes.

screen doors, fireflies and a will to live
is all an american needs to build a home
that will let in summer
like a dinner party guest.

i accept your church and i accept your christ,
but all i'm really looking for is a drinking partner
that can tip well.

so let's go to the dance, let's shine our shoes,
let's remember what it felt like to get cuts
on our hands from building tree houses
and never settle for anything less than nostalgia.

i have a dream that won't stop kicking around my head
and it makes me sick to my stomach to know it,
but i can't chase freedom forever
when all i really need is one good night
that doesn't age me
and make me tremble,
but instead makes me reckless
with love.

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