Friday, April 6, 2012

My Friends And I Filmed A Ransom Video

Our friend Blake loves the movie Drive. I mean, he loves the hell out of it. He also has the most impressive Blu-Ray collection I've ever seen. And he and I do some fun, goofy shit-talking on the basketball court on Sunday mornings. So, naturally, when he invited us all over for a party at his house, my first thought was, "I should steal his copy of Drive."

After informing Rex of my plan after basketball one Wednesday evening, the idea evolved. Rex suggested that we replace the movie with a Twilight Blu-Ray (which remains the only Blu-Ray that Rex owns for some reason). Later, this came to involve Scott and Lil' Chase, and it became a big, hilarious project. I showed up late to the party with Grant, and the movie had already been lifted and replaced by the time I even arrived.

So, the next day, on a wonderfully sunny afternoon, Scott, Rex, Grant and myself gathered at Lil' Chase's house to partake in drinking some whiskey and filming a ransom video.

Fast forward two weeks.

Last night, coming home from an evening out, Blake just wanted to watch Drive (oh, how he loves that movie)...only to discover the Twilight Blu-ray inside the Drive case instead. Needless to say, he was livid. Today is his day off and he still just wants to watch Drive. After sending us all a threatening Facebook message (as he somehow guessed it was us immediately), someone named "Blake" (same name, same birthday, same profile picture) asked to be his friend on Facebook. Blake accepted the friend request and then "Blake" posted the ransom video at the top.

This morning, I received this message from Blake: "I'm literally going to kill you. Enjoy your last 48 hours on earth."

So I shall.

What's that? Oh, yes, we're all in our mid-to-late 20s. But, hey, why ever stop having fun?


Eyvette said...

Jake. I laughed so hard that I spit out my cereal.

Eyvette said...

Also, Drive IS an amazing movie. Your friend has excellent taste. In movies. And in friends, I guess.

Jake Kilroy said...

Blake does have excellent rates in movies. His living room and home office are both lined with the best of the best movie posters around. I just wish he hadn't banned us all from his house.

Rex said...

Way to sell me out, Jake. I love that the entire blogging world knows that Twilight is the only Blu Ray I own. I told you before that I am saving up to buy New Moon!

Jake Kilroy said...

Well, you also have that video of you and those supermodels, but that's a DVD, so it doesn't count.

Rex said...

You're the best.