Sunday, April 1, 2012

"a prayer for laughing"

"a prayer for laughing"
after another inspiring weekend by jake kilroy.

oh, the west coast waves,
with lithium on our tongues
and songs in our hearts,
came from the boomboxes
in showrooms and beaches
as we all swam to glory,
through freedom,
swallowing our pride,
gulping down the hardships
we claimed built these islands
of our insides that we let
ourselves be beached upon.

yes, surely, this was the diamond crust
of our upper lip when we whistled
the many thanks of pilgrims and pioneers.

please, truly, allow me this one burial
that looks like a bed, out in the jungle
of community pools and backyard lots,
where i can get dizzy with wine and friends.

merry me - oh, marry me,
she said after an afternoon lounge,
with skin as brown and white
as the cinnamon swirls we had at brunch,
with cigarette smoke spinning in us
like tornados of prayers lost to bad winds.

crucify this sunday that we called the american pastime
and give us baseball and portraits of beautiful meadows
so that we may take in these days like the undeniable
faith that is owed to us by way of broken knees,
scraped and cut and bruised and forsaken
from nights on the wooden floors of bedrooms
we can't stand to return to now.

give us all that we can stand,
so that when we say it's enough,
you may know our limits
and believe we really mean it
when we tell you, the gods, the sky,
the politicians, the holy men,
the artists and the damned
that we can't stop laughing.

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