Saturday, April 21, 2012

"riot gear and spark plugs"

"riot gear and spark plugs"
written next to a researching friend by jake kilroy.

motorcycle junkies dripping sweat as ecoterrorists,
pulling politics from the north and selling 'em south,
dressed to nines to make it to ten p.m. on a tuesday,
when all they want to do is burn down the capitol
to save the forests with rights that even the left forgot,
and they're sure as shit not taking anybody's word
until they see papers about protecting the trees,
so call it lumber support and take it up with the nine hippies
and one indian who showed up looking like a human being,
just so everyone could get arrested at the courthouse
to protest the arrests of everything that went to hell,
went to shit, when it hit the fans, who weren't fans of taking it;
they probably just wanted to listen to dylan ramble truth,
but brought their guitars to play song after song over songs,
no new anthems, but poetry of chords for salty vocal chords,
barely catching a glimpse of the distance they had to go,
so forlorn as a nation of nothing but riot gear and spark plugs;
give it up, they'll chant around ironic campfires here and then,
mixing up words instead of drinks to bless their body of work
and call out churches for not having enough team spirit;
let them just wail until somebody asks if they have enough hammers
and starts dismantling all that the settlers built over graves,
wailing away with tears in their eyes, so bloodshot and bloody,
killing themselves to live on the irony that nobody fed them,
but they'll starve out in the plains where corporate complexes lay,
all for the gods that were built by man to do absolutely nothing.

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