Thursday, April 5, 2012

"they needed more colors"

"they needed more colors"
written on a break with a good sunset behind by jake kilroy.

the stars boomed over the sailboats
and the coast cheered,
but the red, white and blue weren't enough
for the young lovers and dreamers.
they needed more colors.

and so came the green of asian jungles,
so came the gold of african plains,
so came the blue of south american mountains,
so came the orange of the australian outback,
so came the swirls of european flower fields.

they drank champagne on boats,
but summer's only three months long.
so they wrote poetry in the winter
and danced across autumn
and laid in bed through spring.

in between the cracks of seasons,
they counted pennies,
ate crackers,
and wanted to paint their skin.
but they couldn't decide
if they should paint themselves
the colors of the world
or the colors of their lovers.
and then they couldn't afford
the paint or time or luxury,
so they bathed
and got jobs
and settled
and found themselves full
of everything.

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