Monday, July 9, 2012

Tom Hanks Remembers Nora Ephron

I read this on Eyvette's blog, the superb Eyvette Minute, and I thought it was worth sharing. As a fan of a few of her films, especially the two starring Tom Hanks, it's nice to know that this is how Nora Ephron saw the world.
Knowing and loving Nora meant her world — or her neighborhood — became yours. She gave you books to read and took you to caf├ęs you’d never heard of that became legends. You discovered Krispy Kremes from a box she held out, and you learned that there is such a thing as the perfect tuna sandwich. She would give your kids small, goofy parts in movies with the caveat that they might not make the final cut but you’d get a tape of the scene. For a wrap gift, she would send you a note saying something like, “A man is going to come to your house to plant an orange tree — or apple or pomegranate or whatever — and you will eat its fruit for the rest of your days.” Rita and I chose orange, and the fruit has been lovely, sweet and abundant, just as Nora promised — a constant and perfect reminder of the woman we loved so much.
- Tom Hanks via


Eyvette said...

You have excellent taste my friend!

Jake Kilroy said...

I don't, but my fun, cool friends do!

Rex said...

I've never heard of this lady before, but she sounds wonderful.

Jake Kilroy said...

She wrote When Harry Met Sally, and she wrote and directed Sleepless In Seattle and You've Got Mail. Those were my favorite of hers/probably everybody.