Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"noir city heat"

"noir city heat"
a poem of diabolical implications by jake kilroy.

i wrote poem after poem about you
with sweat beads dotting the eyes
and lips sounding out letters like smoke rings.

one night, i imagined
my teeth were ivory stumps,
sold to merchant ships
and given to lovers
as necklaces
after the
man they
got caught.

the heat skulked around the house like a banshee,
and i barely dressed in anything respectable,
just waiting for death to show up with junk mail.

i marked my own skin like celtic illustrations
and watched the sun rise at night.
toothpicks gutted my gums
and the fan rolled around like a dying man.

the music got in my nerves then
and shook my bones
like waves against a prison.

my brow was bad architecture,
unevenly built in the graveyard,
but when i winked...
all hell broke loose.

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