Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bully Bands: Built By Snow

I've had so little down time these last few months, it's become pretty obvious that this blog has evolved into some sort of half-assed poetry collection (since they only take me a few minutes to write most of the time). To provide some diversity while I don't sit down to write long essays or pieces of fiction, I'm introducing my new segment called Bully Bands for two reasons:
  1. I really like music recommendations on personal blogs.
  2. I really like the word "bully" to describe cool things.
Anyway, let's start it up with a song I discovered on the Fang Island pandora station yesterday at the library and haven't been able to stop listening to in my bedroom. Built By Snow has an album called Mega that I've heard a few songs from before, but somehow this song slipped by and, holy shit, it's catchy, cutesy, and noisy. Give it a listen. It's super fun.

"Science of Love - Built By Snow
Science of Love by Built By Snow on Grooveshark

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