Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Is Our House

It's probably not that much of a surprise that I don't have Instagram (or Reason #32 to get an iPhone, as Grant calls it). However, Instagram recently started doing web profiles, meaning that creepo dumbphoners, such as myself, can finally see everyone's pictures of sunsets, food, and food in sunsets. Well, I took some of my friends' photos and put together a pictorial of the Romelle House. So, without further ado, this is where I live with neat people and have all sorts of fun.

This is our dog.
These are our kittens.
These are our Chases.
This is our living room.
This is my bathroom.
This is our basement.
This is our foozball table.
This is our fridge.
 This is our drink cart.
These are my books. 
 This is our backyard from one angle.
 This is our backyard from another.
This is how we spent summer.
This is how we're spending winter.
Photo Credit: Italian Dog, Sleeping Kitten Pals, and Backyard Spread by Sarah. Chase On Chase Action, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (In The Living Room), Endless Bummer, Basement Out Of Time, and Summer Croquet Slurs by Brittany. Foozball Table Immaculate by Adriana. YoloHanSolo by Grant. Drink Cart Fury by Jessica. Too Many Shelves of Books by Regina. Winter Wine by Rex. 


Sara B said...

I like these. And I am mad impressed with that basement. I think I may need to make my way to Orange one of these days.

Jake Kilroy said...

Yeah, that basement is surreal/fancy as fuck, and Orange would love to have you one of these days!