Friday, November 16, 2012

"white beds in green trees"

"white beds in green trees"
written while feeling extraordinarily well by jake kilroy.

white beds in green trees
with red hearts and blue skies
and a big yellow sun
painting our skin gold;
with the musings of heaven
collected in a gypsy-made book,
we laced our toes together
and waited for the waterfall in summer
and triumphed over city-living,
so that all the world could see us
as a religion that didn't need dogma,
but just enough oxygen and laughs
to sweep out the cobwebs of our lungs
and go on in a world
where that itself is a treasure,
as we can't live this well without wings,
a girl once told me to keep me out of trouble,
but it was only enough for me to conquer the world.

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