Monday, January 14, 2013

"wild about the infinite"

"wild about the infinite"
a poem about the spirit of a gal by jake kilroy.

oh, she was wild about the infinite,
borne of the forests and bathed in the oceans.
she could be the calm after french sex,
but carry the mad-howling gleeful fury
of the first woman to throw her boyfriend's records to the street.

she grinned like a porcupine and roamed like a tumbleweed,
all while wearing feathers as both hair and headdress.
of the earth, she sold her belongings, only to find me
ankle-deep in materialism and weary catholic apathy.
but she had a wink that felt like a backdraft,
and my breaths would later catch up with me,
down south, near the coastline,
on a bed touched up by surf wax.

she was delicate like stained glass
but barely there like the proof beyond,
and all my sunday morning lectures
hadn't prepared me for this spirit.

but her laugh curved up out of her core like mist,
and it glowed neon in the bare light of the moon,
as i traveled her like a lonely road back home
and then couldn't sleep for weeks.

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