Friday, March 22, 2013

"criminal chants"

"criminal chants"
written inside my own throat by jake kilroy.

coming out of a post-hardcore scene from texas,
a group within a culture within a generation
swallowed microphones and bled out music notes,
with the emotions clawing at their throats to escape,
carrying the torch from the lungs and the heart
stomping out the past to sunshine, welcoming a cave exit,
waving every flag available and singing criminal chants,
all with spiritual text weighing them down like carcasses,
for the centuries blew away like pages ripped or torn,
with cancer drinking too much with scorn and faith,
and it was only ever red, red, red, read, read, read again,
until the time came when the road ended in an ivory cliff.
so the words parachuted into the world beyond, laughing.

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