Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"when the time came"

"when the time came"
written just 'cause by jake kilroy.

when the trees finally blossomed,
she spoke of soil, and i spoke of lust,
and nothing ever sounded like the truth that season.
i was busy waiting for college radio stations to return,
and she was waiting by the sea, hoping for waves,
to swim against, to crash and sink into, to swallow whole
and become a mermaid with an impressive record collection.

back on land, she and i tore the house apart, looking
for that one photograph of us laughing stupidly in bed
some morning that i made breakfast without making a mess
and she found an art gallery that wouldn't bore her to tears.

we left the drugs in the drawer, the wine in the trunk,
and it was the last time we ever spoke of a trip to tokyo,
since we saw what was coming, over and over again,
so we commented on the portraits of kings and queens,
and we slept in the forest, and we ate at a cafe by the beach,
so she could watch the ocean and i could see the mountains,
and we sighed with the colors of our souls sweeping up
into the clouds, into the sky, into the great worlds beyond,
but we didn't notice
because we couldn't bare to look at each other.

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