Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"god help me"

"god help me"
written with a sore body by jake kilroy.

it was a roman empire conqueror’s kiss,
an act of passion that would've been the ocean
after the movie characters drove off the bridge.

god help me,
she punched the eyeballs out of my sockets.
my mouth ended up in a treehouse of a past life.
my body was torn asunder in the great church of nature.

oh, i told her noir stories of my youth,
leaving out the hand claps, the pocketed stars,
and the mangled masochism machismo machine i was,
but i kept in the literary time bomb devices
to explode her heart into a million puzzle pieces
so i would have a magic trick to figure out
when i got too crafty for my own terrible good.

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