Thursday, May 16, 2013

"there, there"

"there, there"
written after a special occasion by jake kilroy.

in my will,
i left everything to the wind,
to distribute my life accordingly.

madness in deep breaths,
with each cleaner organized
under the sink,
i made sure it all flew up
and tore through the power lines
over the city
across the country
into the lives
of the women.

there, out in the wilderness,
one light after another snapping,
the great lengths of a future crawled.

so the baskets of gifts
and chests of treasure
were ransacked properly
with all of my table of contents
spilled in the messiest last meal.

there, somewhere out there,
awards and rewards fluttered to
the one that had the hollywood loft,
the one that always ate licorice,
the one that came from the bay,
the one that read me delillo,
the one that thought she was the one that got away.

and then there was the next one,
waiting for the new empire.

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