Thursday, June 20, 2013

"finally, enough"

"finally, enough"
written on a beautiful day, after a read by jake kilroy.

honey, you were bare in the sunlight with a blackbird headdress,
sparkling with sweat and opening up to the world with eyes closed,
as i sweated out whatever good posture i was raised with once,
plowing the field with my feet dragging like a smarmy groom.
god, your back curled like a lover's finger posing as an invitation,
and it came into place with purpose, as flawless as a book's binding,
all while i felt my clothes tear away instead of melting into the earth.
your skin darkened, from fruitful paradise to glorious eternal night,
and i was too tired, tried as a sinner, to be anything but a lost soul,
floating through the infinite, as colors spun around my great travels.
maybe it was your immaculate grace, maybe it was your warpaint.
either way, i was terrified of my heart punching through my chest
and carrying my arms so they could fly like swans to your being,
no longer a body, no longer a woman, but a presence, starstruck,
somewhere in the middle of the day, and the glow would be enough.
it would finally be enough to ride into my eyes and down my throat
like a roller coaster, shimmering like a summer sun on the coastline,
and i would grow everything you've ever loved in the soft earth,
splashing light over myself like oasis water at the end of the world,
hanging onto you for dear life, bewildered and laughing indefinitely.

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