Sunday, August 11, 2013


written after too long by jake kilroy.

in the crack of the evening, i slipped into the unreality,
a daydream that bends and bounces and thrashes and laughs.
i heard horns and clashes but felt every kind of breeze and wind,
while all colors cackled, struck, broke, and washed over me.

there, in the right pitch of the outerworld, i felt you like a church,
a home made of light, a place without gravity.

i was weightless and sublime with the heaviest heart around,
swilling post-rock anthems in my bloodstream until sickness came,
when i finally let go of my eyes and saw like i had been asleep for years.
you were this, you were that, you were there.
what more could i want but a few more words?
what does any spirit really hope for?

i floated into the breaths of the earth,
the deep, sinking gasps for air,
and they glowed a new color, yes,
all while i dragged my limbs behind me
and went free into the unknown,

after what felt like eons, my head returned,
emptied of hate, full of everything else,
and i was what you had always made.
this was me, and i was yours,
and it was complete.

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