Thursday, August 29, 2013


written with a beta song and a thought blasting by jake kilroy.

when our bodies collapsed and the roof caught its breath,
we gulped the fresh sunlight that hurt our torn-apart mouths,
hearing the sounds of words, laying in wait to pounce on our tongue,
caravanning up through our throats, leaving all the red wine behind,
strangling our stomachs, so that every inch of us felt out of place.

we listened to our hearts pound like our chests were snares;
punched, knocked, blasted, and destroyed with warmth.
a punk band of ditch diggers using welfare checks as picks,
with everything going toward romance, we were well spent,
down to the last dime; but this time, we were spry and loud,
now maniac skins fleeing the spirit core to each other, finally.

godspeed us to ourselves, we chanted over and over,
peeling clothes off like fruit skins, casual and healthy,
deliriously in love with nearly everything in the room.
but your music wasn't enough, and this light wasn't either.
nothing would cure the starvation, probably ever.
but we tried. with every magic trick and lie we had,
we put everything we knew into a second chance.

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