Sunday, March 8, 2015


after tripping and losing the blonde by jake kilroy.

she's not right for you,
and you know that,
when she's ready.
but then a season skulks by,
a whoosh of gown and leaves,
green and guileless at first breath,
though red and foxy by last call,
and you haven't done anything with yourself
but get worse.
so you wonder.
and you learn new men have taken her out,
ones that'll introduce their parents,
that'll know what songs to play on the
drive out to romantic getaways,
that'll rent movies and cook,
that'll pray to a god he actually knows by name
in a church she believes in with real heart.
and you're still out in the wilderness,
cackling mad beside a campfire,
wondering why the forest won't burn.
you're starved for attention
after eating the scenery
and drinking the spotlight.
of course you're worse!
when was the last time you took the risk
that meant roasting your heart
to stiffen your cheeks
and weaken your resolve?
when was the last time
you picked up the check
with no plans for sex?
when was the last time
a needle hit the groove
and you danced with your partner
and told her you loved her
instead of wondering
what came next.
when was the last time
you left the country
and were able to say
you had a girl back home?
when was the last time 
you did anything
but get worse?

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