Monday, May 4, 2015

"the ode"

"the ode"
an attempt at honoring a lack of words and character by jake kilroy.

i gave up the art of sex
to give into bulldozing
warning signs
of an unhealthy lifestyle,
night after night,
what felt like
life after life,
barreling through the world,
unstoppable and sloppy,
heroic in force,
barbaric in truth,
taking everything,
remembering nothing,
destroying any way back,
lovely and defeated
only ever momentarily,
caught in the lunge,
stranded in the future,
a martyr for a cause
i couldn't put into words
except for a manifesto
that'd take final strength,
so i give up this,
a lazy nothing ode
to the weakness
of a depressed
human being
(or what's left of him)
and all that he wasn't.

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